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January 16, 2021

2007 Subaru Forester – Neutral Start Switch Replacement

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The neutral start switch, AKA inhibitor switch, on the transmission of our rough road vehicle, a 2007 Subaru Forester, was failing intermittently. Symptoms were that the car would not start (engine would not turn over on start) intermittently, but wiggling the transmission shift lever sideways would get it to start again. The starter motor had checked out OK. I found a new replacement switch, same part number, on ebay for about $100.

Failed Inhibitor Switch, removed

The hard part was getting the old switch out and the new one in, working under the car. I drove the car up on ramps to have more working space under the transmission. Accessing the switch was accomplished by moving the shift lever between Park and Neutral to expose specific hold-down bolts -there are three. That enabled me to get the old switch out and the new one in without disconnecting the shifter cable. The electrical cable to the switch could be removed by pulling out a blue clip under the switch. That gets reinstalled after the new switch is in and reconnected.
This was a pretty easy repair once I realized which shifter positions would expose the fastening bolts. Subie is back to life again.

Old and New Switches

Failed switch on right sight above exhaust

Failed switch on right sight above exhaust line

Failed switch on right sight above exhaust

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