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November 1, 2023

Repair of a Samsung Flex Duo Convection Oven

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Another repair of a remarkably common appliance problem -a failed solder joint at a high current relay terminal. In this case, the patient was a 4 year old Samsung oven, model NE58H9970WS. The oven was not heating, but all 3 heating elements for the oven -broil, bake, and convection – all checked out OK with resistances of 10-50 ohms. No error codes were shown from the onboard diagnostics.

Upon deeper inspection, the problem turned out to be a failed solder joint on the main PC board at the back of the oven, on one terminal of a high current relay that drives the elements. See the red circled area in the last board photo. Easily repaired with some heavy gauge copper wire plus large cross section soldering to handle the high currents. However, this is a problem that I keep seeing across a large set of home cooking appliances. I’ve previously seen it on multiple Instant Pots (including one also of Kyle’s!) and other devices and notified the manufacturer in that case. Worth being on the lookout for.


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